Lazaris: Friend or Fraud?

Disclaimer: The information on these pages is the opinion and/or observation of the writers. It is not meant as a statement of fact.

Unofficial Version

The preceding text represents the official (Concept: Synergy) version of the story of Lazaris. In our research, we have come to believe that some important details have been left out of the official version. Some of these details have not been verified, but have come first or second-hand from others who have been involved with Concept: Synergy and/or individual players. These details are not presented as fact, but as hearsay evidence.

We have heard that Jach and Peny were involved with Silva Mind Control prior to Lazaris coming through. Silva Mind Control represents the work of Josť Silva, who claimed to be able to teach people to enhance their powers of ESP. The Silva Mind Control teachings also include information about Reality Creation which sound suspiciously close to the theories espoused by "Lazaris", such as the notion that Reality is a product of our thoughts, beliefs and choices. To our knowledge, Concept: Synergy has never made this association with Silva Mind Control public. Instead they tell a story of Jach having been naive about metaphysics. Why?

Jach was involved in a multi level marketing company in the 80's which conducted fee based seminars. They began with a "cheapy" $ 40.00 introductory seminar, and then began charging higher fees in the vicinity of $250. We believe it was at this time that Jach saw the tremendous advantage of offering high priced seminars to hundreds of people. Here we see the model of offering a lower priced seminar and then following up with a more expensive one, a strategy Concept/Synergy has come to implement with each workshop. We now see the introduction of the more expensive "intensives". One has to wonder why a loving entity would set up such a pricey and difficult access to information, especially now that the workshops are offered only in Orlando, creating yet one more difficult hurdle for those who desire to benefit from the teachings of this great loving being. No one has to wonder whether or not Jach is becoming richer by the minute. We wonder if anyone has ever questioned why the faithful attendees at these events are not becoming correspondingly financially enriched. After all, we're being taught the same techniques and principles that Jach is. Why is he so much richer than those who Lazaris teaches?

Even though Concept: Synergy brings in tens of thousands of dollars at each seminar, they depend on volunteers to work the back table where they sell crystals, tapes, etc. Some of these people may be paid and some volunteers. We have been told that these people are expected to meet sales quotas imposed by Concept: Synergy.

At one early seminar, a blue ball of light moved down the aisle. To our knowledge this feat never occurred again. What was up with that? Did C/S do some early experimentation with special effects, and then back down from that idea after realizing that it would only take one astute person to to expose them?

Though Peny is described by Lazaris as being particularly loving and evolved, no longer needing to handle serious problems, she appears to us to be rude, tacky and paranoid. She is extraordinarily overweight, to the point that it surely must have an adverse effect on her physical health. She does not handle herself in the ways that Lazaris suggests are healthy and responsible. More on this later.

Lazaris claimed to be the first to speak of the "Causal Plane", where causes and effects are linked. In fact, Paramahansa Yogananda refers to the Causal Plane in his book, Autobiography of a Yogi. Yogananda died in 1952 - Lazaris first started channeling through Jach in 1974. Peny readily admits to having read Yogananda's material.

Actually, there is precious little in the Lazaris materials, if anything, which is new or different than that which is being taught and offered elsewhere, contrary to claims made by the Great Entity "themselves". A quick search on the internet for any of the major concepts will reveal similar or identical teachings from many sources, some of them highly questionable, and some old and respected.

Peny posted on a political message board (not in the Lazaris Forum) and bragged about her wealth, using it as some kind of proof that her political perspective was the correct one, and implying that people shouldn't attempt to argue with her because her money proved that she was right. "Yes, I'm wealthy" she declared, and went on to list the many properties she owned at that time. It was an embarrassing read, and very revealing of Peny's true smug and superior nature.

Peny has also stated her fascination with Madame Blavatsky who is considered by many to be the "mother of the new age movement". It was Blavatsky who pioneered the concept of "channeling" highly enlightened beings, as an advancement on the ever increasing popularity of psychic communication with dead loved ones. Blavatsky was at one point herself exposed as a fraud after a dead aunt who she had been busily communicating with suddenly appeared, alive and well. I suppose it might have been at this point that she had the thought to channel those who had never been alive, or were known to be long dead as a way to avoid another embarrassment.

A number of people who worked for Concept: Synergy, and were very visible due to their work at the seminars disappeared. These are people who were well-liked by Friends of Lazaris. No one knows what happened to them. Concept: Synergy hid for a full year the fact that one of them was no longer in their employ.

Concept/Synergy has a group of "lower level" employees, those who handle the day to day mundane chores, such as packing and shipping tapes, office chores, etc. These employees are "gifted" with dinners in the company of Peny, Jach, and those in the inner core known as "the Orlando Gang", most of whom function as administrators of the Jach and Lazaris forum. The low level employees are not invited to enter discussions with these stellar ones, but are expected to silently imbue themselves with the high vibrations of the mighty ones. Their lives are subject to the scrutiny and control of C/S management, being told with whom and in what manner they may conduct their private relationships, even to the extent that they are given private consultations with the Entity, who provides back up support for these controls.

The whole issue of "private consultations" is one which warrants scrutiny. We are most curious to know of any instance in which The Multidimensional One actually provided any factual information or insight into the subject which could not be explained by good luck, or previous knowledge of that person. We would also love to hear from people who were given information that was flat out wrong. We ourselves have not had the dubious benefit of such a private encounter, given we suppose to our "inappropriateness". It seems that the more private knowledge C/S has about an individual, the more likely they are to be deemed "appropriate" for a personal reading.

Jach says he is not present when Lazaris is coming through. He happens to be the channel that Lazaris chose, mainly because of his proximity to Peny. Yet Jach has a section in the on-line Forum called, Some Answers From Jach. He also has written at least one article for New Frontier magazine as Jach, not channelling Lazaris. If he truely is acting as a radio, then why is he putting himself up as an expert to offer advice to others? Why not Some Answers From Izzy?

Lazaris says that they chose to channel through Jach in order to be close to Peny. In Lazaris Interviews Book II, in explaining their purpose in communicating, Lazaris says, "You as individuals, as society, and as a humanity have decided to accelerate your growth and expand your awareness. You have asked for help". Well, which is it? Did they come to answer our calls for help, or did they come to be with Peny?

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