Lazaris: Friend or Fraud?

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As the story goes, Lazaris is a "multidimensional being simultaneously aware of each of their dimensions". They have never been and never will be physical - they opted for a different path than those of us who chose to grow on the physical plane. (Lazaris refers to themselves as "they" due to the fact that they are aware of all their aspects simultaneously). They began to channel through Jach Pursel on October 3, 1974. They say they will not channel through anyone but Jach - when Jach dies, there will be no new Lazaris material.

The reason they began to channel is because they were attracted to the particularly bright light and beautiful energy of Peny North, Jach's wife at the time. And because we, as Humanity, wanted to grow and we asked for help - via our Higher Selves, if not directly. Peny asked Lazaris if she could share their wisdom and love with the world. Naturally, they said Yes. Jach did not set out to channel Lazaris or anyone else. He was "playing around" with meditation and not doing a very good job of it, when one night a weird voice came out of his body while he was meditating. After receiving Lazaris' permission, Jach and Peny set up Concept: Synergy as the marketing company for the Lazaris Material. They also own a New Age store, Isis Rising, which sells crystals, paintings, clothing, etc.

Lazaris has been creating hundreds of tapes, on subjects such as Abundance, Relationships, Reality Creation, Crystals, Anger, Shame, Image, etc. The tapes are generally made during evening workshops - each evening has it's own theme. There are also weekend seminars and 3 and 4-day intensives. The Lazaris channelings started in Marin Country, California, with just a handful of people attending afternoon sessions. The seminars now attract 300 to 600 people. The Millennium Intensive, held in Orlando, Florida, had an attendance of 1,400.

In the mid-nineties, an online forum opened on CompuServe. This forum was public and not under the control of Concept: Synergy. Then around 1996, the Jach and Lazaris room opened on the official Lazaris website. This forum is in existence today and is limited to those who apply and are accepted by Concept: Synergy. There are about 1,400 people in the on-line Forum.

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